Google I/O 2018 - Keynote

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🤖 I am totally impressed but I’m leaving.

It was the first Google I/O Keynote, which drew me completely - almost as much as the first season of Narcos. The whole event was all about AI and machine learning. That’s a given.

Calling the hairdresser and booking a table in a restaurant using software assistant was staggering.

On the one hand, I appreciate the possibilities that AI brings - especially when it comes to healthcare and predictive analysis.

On the other hand, I am terrified by the amount of data collected and the power of one giant company.

AI, machine learning, big data and user tracking are clear trends for the direction in which technology is going. The second, opposing trend is security and privacy protection.

I’m very impressed with Keynote, but I’m also terrified - it’s time to hop off the train. I don’t think I’ll give up Google Maps, but it’s a moment to finally turn Google Chrome into Firefox and Tor, swap Gmail for ProtonMail, and Google’s search engine for DuckDuckGo.

After all, best of luck Google! I hope you will not share the same pathetic fate as Facebook.

Aleksander Popko

Aleksander Popko

iOS & macOS Software Engineer

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