Memory dump - April 2018

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Here is a summary of the best news and articles I’ve read during April 2018. The criteria are very simple - the selection is 100% subjective.

📱 Smartphones

Smartphones are useful, but can also be very addictive. Making your smartphone dumber should reduce external stimulus and distraction.

BLLOC - minimalistic, simple smartphone with cool design.

iOS app development, seen through the eyes of an Android developer. Some interesting insights into the differences and similarities between these two platforms.

👩‍💻 Swift

How to name IBActions? Popular didTapButton or buttonTapped is inherently wrong. Target-action is a command pattern, not a delegate pattern.

Behind-the scenes improvements in Swift 4.1. Author focused on smaller, less visible improvements , which are still interesting.

What’s new in Swift? Great tool to compare different versions of the language.

₿ Bitcoin

Is Bitcoin the greatest scam in history? Strong arguments against cryptocurrency. I would like this article even more if it wasn’t written by PayPal’s CEO.

✍️ Blogging

Why every developer should have a blog. Reasons why it is worth it to keep a technical blog and how to do it.

👔 Recruitment

Unpaid, time-consuming homework is a new trend in the tech-recruitment industry. The only reasonable answer to such a phenomena is “No, thanks.”

Job-hunting for a satisfying senior engineering role is not as easy as it might look. Some stats: Jobs applied for: 82 HR interview 25 Technical interview: 15 Onsite interview: 2 Job offers: 1

🏭 Productivity

A leaked email to Tesla employees has revealed Musk’s productivity tips. It’s not surprising that half of them are about meetings.

Aleksander Popko

Aleksander Popko

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