Memory dump - January 2018

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Here is a summary of the best news and articles I’ve read during January 2018. The criteria are very simple - the selection is 100% subjective.

📱 iOS development

Buddybuild, a well-known continuous integration and deployment tool, is now part of Apple. Great news for iOS developers but bad for Android. We can expect easier configuration, smoother work, and fewer problems when dealing with CI for iOS projects.

🔐 Security

OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard 1.0 is published. Basically, it’s a security checklist for mobile applications. It covers eight areas:

The document is definitely worth going through before releasing an app.

📚 Books

App Architecture is published (early access). This is something I have been waiting for so long. Choosing the right architecture is a crucial decision when starting a new iOS project. There are so many different approaches, and this is I believe the first book that is covering this topic. For sure it lands on my reading list.

Programming Notes for Professionals. 42 free books compiled from Stack Overflow Documentation. They are really good, especially as they’re free.

🏭 Productivity

Optimizing office work schedule. How little changes in daily routine can result in fewer hours wasted and more things getting done.

How to biohack your intelligence. The author spent about 200K dollars on enhancing his body and mind to increase productivity. The article covers broad stuff, starting from sleeping habits and diet, going through sex and innocent supplements, and finishing on prescription pills and illegal drugs. Many of the conclusions do not convince me, but anyway, a fascinating lecture.

💸 Economy

Bloomberg published it’s 2018 Innovation Index. The United States drops out of the top ten, South Korea remains the most innovative country. My homeland, Poland, is in 21st place.

₿ Cryptocurrencies

Nassim Taleb finally wrote something about Bitcoin. The Lebanese philosopher, who knows a thing or two about financial markets, has finally given his thoughts on cryptocurrency.

Ponzicoin - the first cryptocurrency that is publicly based on Ponzi scheme. It’s a joke of course.

Aleksander Popko

Aleksander Popko

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