Memory dump - July 2018

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Here is a summary of the best news and articles I’ve read during July 2018. The criteria are very simple - the selection is 100% subjective.

🍏 Apple

WWDC 2018 is over. The Flawless team have prepared a great summary for the software engineers.

NSHipster is back! My favourite blog for iOS/macOS developers is ressurected.🎉🎉🎉

Apple’s goals are not always consistent with the goals of developers. Great blog post from Ash Furrow.

MacOS dark mode is one of the hottest topics from WWDC 2018. Kuba Suder wrote a detailed blog post about this feature. Here is part two.

App Store is 10 years old. Happy birthday! 🎁

App Annie has published a report about the most popular and highest paid games and applications from the App Store.

👩‍💻 Random tech stuff

Udacity’s mobile team is removing React Native from their apps. Nate Ebel wrote a broad summary explaining what stands behind this decision.

🛠 Productivity

Open space is a terrible idea. DHH explains why.

CountdownBar is released. 🚀 I developed this small app for myself and, after some time, decided to make it public. Available in the Mac App Store.

Aleksander Popko

Aleksander Popko

iOS & macOS Software Engineer

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