Memory dump - May 2018

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Here is a summary of the best news and articles I’ve read during May 2018. The criteria are very simple - the selection is 100% subjective.

📱 iOS

The iOS Testing Manifesto. An extensive article on how to write unit tests for iOS apps.

🤖 AI

There was Google I/O and it was all about AI. The presentation of Google Duplex was breathtaking, but there were also voices of criticism. Not only was the bad UX criticised, Google employees resigned in protest against a Pentagon contract providing AI for military drones. What is more interesting, Google removed the “Don’t be evil” rule from its Code of Conduct.

🔐 Security

What we should teach all software developers about security. Some interesting points on software development from the infoSec specialist.

👩‍💻 Random tech stuff

The economics of writing a technical book. How much time does it take and how much money can you make?

What happens when you let engineers code instead of wasting time on meetings? Three-day no-meeting schedule for engineers experiment in Pinterest.

Computers are killing people, literally. Up to 270 women in the UK could have died of cancer due to a software bug. It is frightening, and it also shows how much can depend on the software’s quality.

Facebook wants to become an internet service provider. Terragraph is promised to be cheap, uncommonly fast, and probably it will track every user’s actions? No, thanks.

Why I’m leaving Silicon Valley? The tech-world is more than just a piece of land in California.

While Amazon is making innovations for the sake of making innovations, Google and Facebook are outdoing each other in tracking their users and collecting private data, Apple has become a rock of common sense in the tech industry.

⛓ Blockchain

Aleksander Popko

Aleksander Popko

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