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TLDR: I’ve created - a job board for mobile developers based in Europe.

So… I’ve just created a job board for mobile developers. The idea of another tech job board may look stupid, but I found the process of browsing job offers for mobile developers really annoying. Although I’m satisfied with my current contract, I used to research a job market once a week or two. The problem I found is that I need to visit so many job boards and use a few job searching engines to finally get what I’m looking for.

As an iOS developer, I’m really not interested in web development, data analysis or SAP positions. As a guy who is living in Poland, I’m also not interested in remote job offers to demand US residency or availability in US time zones. The vast amount of data and the need to filter them is my main problem with this weekly job market research. This could be done better.

That’s why I started Maybe this project will get a traction, maybe not - I think it is at least worth validating. For now, it is a brutal MVP - a combination of sheet2site (great product BTW), Typeform and free images from Unsplash.

Thanks for reading! Please visit I will be grateful for any feedback!

Aleksander Popko

Aleksander Popko

iOS & macOS Software Engineer

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